Fighting in Arakan is likely to intensify. No AA issue has been released


Fighting in Arakan is likely to intensify. No AA issue has been releasedIn the Arakan State, the Burmese army has landed on land. Maritime By air, there are a large number of people. The Arakan Army AA reported that the fighting was being intensified, adding that the fighting could intensify.There has been no mention of any casualties since the military’s blockade of the strategic firecracker was issued by the Tatmadaw, according to a statement issued by the AA.According to the AA statement, there had been a series of skirmishes in the area on the previous day (March 16/17/18) with clashes in the previous days. Air Heavy weapons The Tatmadaw fired a series of artillery shells at the scene of the clashes. Fighter jets; The civilian casualties were reported as a result of civilian casualties.

Starting from 19 March, 2020, at 5:55 am, Paletwa Strategic Area and Fire Bridge bridges are located. There were no heavy artillery shells, but an hour and a half were fired. The fighting has been in the area since February 5, for more than 40 days. It was reported that clashes between the Burma Army and the Burmese army were coming to help the strategic land, not only on the strategic land.Fighting broke out at around 10 am near the fire bridge, which started at around 11 am (12:00 am) and fired on the fire bridges around the clock for about an hour, and there were explosions near the villages. As in the previous days, it is unknown how many civilians were killed or injured.

Ann Township Hill to the southwest of Bone Taung village; The northern mountain ranges of Sankone village, Myebon Township, are also being built by 2020. March 19, Thursday, Thursday It was reported that the bombing took place about 30 minutes later, with two jets bombing at 2 pm.It also said that those who lost their way to the AA had lost their balance and would defend themselves as necessary.

Photo: Photos of some captured soldiers released by the AA


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