NLD district court files lawsuit against NLD school teacher in Tachilek


In Tachilek, the NLD district secretary filed a lawsuit against the head teacher of the primary school in Tachilek. March 20, Northern Shan State A Tachileik NLD secretary has allegedly sued an elementary school teacher for slapping her with a pair of shoes, and the head of the school district has filed a lawsuit against the NLD district secretary. The plaintiff filed a case in Tachilek Township. According to the plaintiff’s school teacher, Daw Zin Zin, the primary school administrator of Chit Hte Village Primary School, the accused is the NLD secretary, Moe Min, Tachileik district. What happened in 2020? February 18 At about 2:15 pm, the teacher was assigned to the Loikhamkham Village Tract. According to sources, U Moe Min and Ye Nyun Tun arrived on a motorcycle. “His wife and I are in financial trouble. I didn’t think I would come that day. I was studying in the school and the donors were waiting to eat noodles. At that time NLD Secretary U Moe Min and Vice-President Ye Htun came dressed in black uniforms. “He called me with a green smile. I just said, ‘Why don’t I just call the cellphone near the door of the room?’ After the incident, Ms Zinz Moe said she had contacted authorities in the city. “I called the teachers and called. I came down to the office immediately. Only me. I felt a totally did not apologize. I swear a pillar until then, his imprisonment. This is another pillar of education go from court. We have not even until 18 pm on. I think the NLD Khin Maung Tint (State Representative), and then I became.

He did not even find a friend, because someday I called two from their school. I apologize if you had taught not have begged, pleaded not afford. He resigned from the party, his good will, having said my sister.. In the morning, Khin Maung Tint’s wife called. So we went to the camp. The camp said, “Keep it up!” It doesn’t work. When I went to the hospital, the NLD found one. We did not receive any prescription for negotiation. So on February 20, I filed my case in court at 3:30 pm. Already since the 18th or ask her “aunt Zin zin about the case, he added. Daw Zin zin side to act as a broker contacted the Advocate U Kyi Maung, a woman has an appointment on 23 Penal Code Section 454 Indian faculty, Section 323 ordinary Continuing from the announcement noted. Tachilek State Representative Khin Maung Tint Triangle contacted by local media on March 19 afternoon, returning from a trip, do not make contact with the unknown, and next hours about their finances aunt Zin zin about rain. Credit possession since 2018, when 8 months by bank deducted 50 K 8 kyat loan is the interest is high, and can no longer continue. Recently been adjourned again about this event that I did ask aunt Zin zin rain wearing similar to a “two black shirts. The back has a caption. There are two captions. Every time I came to me, the NLD had a big stab. When I slapped me, the elders in the village came and asked. He also told the elders of the village that he was the NLD district secretary. When the people came dressed in this suit and the people in the village, were they afraid? What I understand is that people should respect this dress. Do you come dressed in fear because they want to scare them? ”Modern Times Rangoon correspondent U Moe Min, who has been trying to get a response, has not been contacted.


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