How can I get information about COVID 19?


How to verify information about COVID 19 – Getting information that is not verified through social media such as Facebook about COVID-19 is extremely dangerous. In places like Facebook, he or she has to write my own opinions, but not necessarily the opinions. Therefore, it is best to receive the information from a responsible community. – Therefore, it is advisable to use the following information collections: The following information is compiled using a media monitoring tool called crowdtangle. Crowdtangle is a tool owned by Facebook that is secure for your device. – If you visit the crowdtangle live display link below, The pages of the Myanmar media that operate as news agencies; International Health Organization; The official pages of international organizations and embassies;

Pages of local health organizations such as the Red Cross; It also contains the latest news and information teams of the international media about COVID-19. – people who have not verified the information; It is best to use such a technique rather than getting it through pens and attention. So we encourage you to use the crowdtangle to get information. It’s not difficult to use. Click the link below to use it. Functionally, look at the most popular items that are said to be Over Performing in each column. You can also choose to see only the latest news. If you want to select one, you can click on the dentures icon at the top of the columns. It is best to look at it from a computer. It is easier to use a large monitor. If you do not want Crowdtangle, you need to check the information from Facebook in real time. Check Before You Trust and Yes Vs Page


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